The Candy Corn Nail Stamping Plate Post You Didn’t Ask For

Candy Corn-O-Lanterns

So if you follow me on social media at all or know me IRL, you probably know that I. Love. Candy. Corn.
My secret is that I cannot eat very much in one sitting (like, only a few at a time or you’re gonna have a bad time), but I still love it all the same.
So with that, here is a list of the stamping plates with candy corn images on them, and if I see a candy corn themed indie brand nail polish, I will also add that here!
Enjoy! Or don’t. I won’t judge if you won’t judge. ūüėČ

Also, here are some candy corn manicures I have done in the past and one I am wearing as I write this post!

UberChic Beauty


  • Candy Land (April 2020 Polish Pickup exclusive)

What’s Up Nails


I’m actually a Maniology Ambassador! Feel free to use my affiliate code SMASHLEE10 for 10% off your order of full price items at Maniology!

Clear Jelly Stamper

Sugar Bubbles

MoYou London


BBF Nails

Mundo De Unas

Creative Shop

Born Pretty


Messy Mansion

  • Nail Art Stamping Image Plate MM81XL


  • Horror Night

Candy Corn Inspired Nail Polish

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