The Candy Corn Nail Stamping Plate Post You Didn’t Ask For

Candy Corn-O-Lanterns

So if you follow me on social media at all or know me IRL, you probably know that I. Love. Candy. Corn.
My secret is that I cannot eat very much in one sitting (like, only a few at a time or you’re gonna have a bad time), but I still love it all the same.
So with that, here is a list of the stamping plates with candy corn images on them, and if I see a candy corn themed indie brand nail polish, I will also add that here!
Enjoy! Or don’t. I won’t judge if you won’t judge. 😉

Also, here are some candy corn manicures I have done in the past and one I am wearing as I write this post!

UberChic Beauty


What’s Up Nails

  • B023 Creepin It Real
  • B036 Eeks and Screams
  • Candy Corn Stencils


Pssst. I’m actually a Maniology Ambassador! Feel free to use my affiliate code SMASHLEE10 for 10% off your order of full price items at Maniology!

Clear Jelly Stamper

Sugar Bubbles

MoYou London


BBF Nails

Mundo De Unas

Creative Shop

Born Pretty

Messy Mansion


Candy Corn Inspired Nail Polish

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