May The 4th Be With You-r Manicure

Star Wars Stamping Plates

I have updated links and availability of older items. I have also listed a couple upcoming items as well.

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Happy Star Wars Day 2021, and May the 4th be with you!
I wanted to make a list of Star Wars nail stamping plates, various nail art related items, and nail polishes, for all you Rebels, Jedi, Sith, and Droids out there! Hopefully it will make your Star Wars Day BB-Great!

Stamping Plates

Some links below may be to stockists or shops in the US. There may be more options so be sure to search your favorite shops for those plates!

If there is no link, then the plate is unavailable or I was unable to find it.

Mundo De Unas

Nerd Nails Plates
(Shop has closed permanently)

  • 18 The Sassy Nerd (Star Wars name mention)
  • 33 Nerdy Christmas (Death Star/R2D2 ornaments, Yoda, C-3PO)
  • 35 Ermahgerd Nerd (Do or do not reference)

Creative Shop

Sugar Bubbles

My Online Shop

  • MJ XLII (Logo, snowflakes, droids, Yoda, Storm Troopers, Queen Amidala, ships, Darth Vader)
  • MJ XIV (Jedi Order symbol)



Decor Unhas

Bundle Monster / Maniology

  • BM-602 (mentions Jedi / Sith) (Is available on a Canadian site I have not purchased from before)

It Girl Nail Art

These plates are both from previous Polish Pickups.

  • LE 108 (C-3PO, R2D2)
  • LE 105 (Kylo Ren, Darth Vader, Storm Trooper, Galactic Empire, Sith Empire)

Fab Ur Nails

  • Fun 11 (Logo)


  • Star Wars plate (various images)

Water Slide Decals

Fangirl Polish

Previously released:
-The Child Waterslide Nail Decals

Nail Polish

There have been many a Star Wars themed polish released. I have listed some that I currently know of and ones that I see are available. As I come across more I will add them in. This is definitely a living list!

Geekish Glitter Lacquer

Previously released:
-The Child

Red Eyed Lacquer

Previously released:
-General Housewife (Leia)
-This is the polish you’re looking for
-Is It Me, Or Is It A Little Darth In Here?
-Star Wars Duo
-Thermal Detonator
-One Last Look At My Friends
-The Force
-Star Wars Indieversary Trio

Moon Shine Mani

Swamp Gloss

MLF Lacquer


The Nail Bazaar

Previously released:
-Galaxy’s Edge
-Baby Yoda
-Star Wars Collection

Fanchromatic Nails

Previously released:
-May the Fourth Be With You (PPU Dec 17)


Previously released:
-The Child
-Sunset on Tatooine
-Knights Of Ren

Esmaltes Da Kelly

Glam Polish

Previously released:
-The Holo Wars Collection: Rogue Multichrome/ The Glitter Menace/ The Shimmer Awakens/ The Flakie Wars/ The Holo Strikes Back/ Return of the Shimmer/ The Phantom Flakie/ Attack of the Glitter/ Revenge of the Flakies/ The Last Holo
-The Force Unleashed
-May the 4th Be With You
-I’d Just As Soon Kiss A Wookie (FB Group Exclusive)
-The Power of the Dark Side (FB Group Exclusive)
-Mind Tricks Don’t Work On Me
-Do. Or do Not. There is no Try.
-Mandalorian Collection : Mando Trio

Enchanted Polish

Previously released:
-In A Galaxy / Far, Far Away Duo
-Force Power / Dark Side Duo
-Storm Captain / 101 Troopers Duo

Lucky 13 Lacquer

Lou It Yourself, Now Bluebird Lacquer

Previously released:
Through the April 2021 Battle of the Boxes:
-Lets Go to the Maul
-Luke on the Brightside
-Force to be Reckoned With
-Snoke and Mirrors

-Some Like it Hutt
-Bye, Felucia
-TaunTaun of Fun (May the 4th Be With You Shimmer Box 18)
-Squadron Goals (PPU Nov 17)
-Yo Que Tu S O (Bluebird Lacquer & Native War Paints – Star Wars Duos 17)
-Just too Hoth to Touch
(Bluebird Lacquer & Native War Paints – Star Wars Duos 17)
-At-At A Boy (Bluebird Lacquer & Native War Paints – Star Wars Duos 15)
-Mandalorian Armor (Bluebird Lacquer & Native War Paints – Star Wars Duos 15)
-Love in an Elevader
-Dark Side Box (Palpatine-age Dream, Kylo Can You Go, BB-9PEE)
-Light Side Box (Yoda Leia Hee Hoo, Qui-Gon Girl, Game of Clones)

Don Deeva

  • Ewok This Way
  • Star Wars Duo (R2-DVA2, Obi Wanna Blowmi)

Previously released:
-Baby Yoda
-I Love You
-I Know

Alchemy Lacquers

Previously released:
-Kyber Crystal (PPU Jan 2021)

Bees Knees

Previously released:

The Lady Varnishes

  • The Best Bounty Hunter

Previously released:
-And The 80’s Replied “I Know” (PPU May 19)

Fangirl Polish

Previously released:
Nails of the Old Republic Collection:
-The Force
-Djem So

Aurora Polish

Previously released:
-I Sense a Disturbance in the Force (A Force Storm) (June 2019 PPU)

Bluebird Lacquer & Supernatural Lacquer

There were Light Side and Dark Side duos available April 19-22nd, 2019.
There were also 2018 duos!
There is always a chance of another set of duos in 2020! Be on the lookout!

Previously released:
-2019 Light Side/ Dark Side duos
(That’ll Do, Sith / Kashyyyk Me Outside / Saber The Moment / Rack City, Bith)
-2018 Light Side/ Dark Side duos

Polish Alcoholic

Previously released:
-Han Solo & Chewbacca

Supernatural Lacquer

Previously released:
-In a Galaxy Far, Far Away (Star Wars Nouveau Geek Box May 16)


Previously released:
-Human-Cyborg Relations
-Beep Boop Wah
-Thumbs Up
-That’s No Moon…
-Little Rebel Droid
-Winds of the Cloud City
-The Forest Moon
-Two Moon Sunset

Great Lakes Lacquer

Previously released:
-Droid 1
-Droid 2

Moonflower Polish

Previously released:
-The Grand Admiral (PPU Oct 18)
-The General (PPU Nov 18)

Different Dimension

Previously released:
-Saber That (May 2015 A Box, Indied)

Level Up Lacquer

Previously released:
-4 Star Wars inspired polishes: Artoo/ BB-8/ Captain Phasma/ The Dark Side
-Rebel Scum

Sassy Sauce Polish

Previously released:
-October 2018 Fantasy Fandom Collection: Cranky Pumpkin/ Boba Don’t Fett/ Rebel Red/ Yo DUHH/ Trooper Sauce/ See 3 P’s and an O/ R to the D to…

Le Polish

Previously released:
-Darth Valentine Trio (2016): Love Saber/ No, I am Your Valentine/ Together We Rule the Galaxy

Danglefoot Polish

Previously released:
-Struzan Drew a Galaxy Far Far Away (PPU April 18)

Frenzy Polish

Previously released:
-Sands of Jakku

Colors By Llarowe

Previously released:
-Who’s Your Daddy? (May the 4th Be With You Shimmer Box 18)
-Luke, I Am Your Father

Glisten & Glow

Previously released:
-Saber This!

Girly Bits Cosmetics

Previously released:
-I Like Big Buns

Contrary Polish

Previously released:
-Slavegirl Bikini (A Box, Indied May 15)

Leesha’s Lacquer

Previously released:
-Two Suns (May the 4th Be With You Shimmer Box 18)
-Planet of Lost Beauty (Star Wars Nouveau Geek Box May 16)

Shleee Polish

Previously released:
-Destruction of Jehda
-Sith Saber

Sassy Pants Polish

Previously released:
-Saber the Moment (Star Wars Nouveau Geek Box May 16)

Nerd Lacquer

Previously released:
-The Landon System
-Beggar’s Canyon
-Hocchhh Kssshhhhh
-But She’s Got It Where It Counts
-General Effing Leia

Zombie Claw

Previously released:
-Welcome to the Dark Side (PPU Oct 18)

Alter Ego

Previously released:
-Rebel Princess (Star Wars Nouveau Geek Box May 16)

Liquid Sky Lacquer

Previously released:
-Rebel Alliance

Harlow & Co.

Previously released:
-Luke’s Lightsaber

Amy’s Nail Boutique

Previously released:
-Galaxy Far, Far Away


Previously released:
-Path to the Dark Side

Darling Diva

Previously released:
-The Force Collection Part 2: May The Force Be With You/ I’d Just As Soon Kiss A Wookie/ Help Me Obi-Wan Kenobi, You’re My Only Hope/ I Know/ Scruffy Looking Nerf Herder/ RRRAARRWHHGWWR/ Jedi Knight/ Sith Lady
-Cloud City
-These Aren’t the Droids You’re Looking For
-Sith Lady
-Do or Do Not, There Is No Try
-My M’Effen Lightsaber is Purple

Creative Cuticles Nail Polish
(Shop has closed permanently)

Previously released:
War Among The Stars Collection:
-Help Me…
-I Am Your Father!!!
-The Twin Brother
-Enslave The Princess

Frankenstein Polish

Previously released:
-Star Wars Collection: Chewbacca/ Darth Vader/ Yoda/ R2D2/ StormTrooper

Non-Indie Nail Polish


Previously released:
-Leia (?)


Previously released:
-Red Revenge
-Speed of Light
-Golden Opportunity
-Emerald Blaze
-Diva After Dark
-Snow Storm

Funky Fingers (5 below)

-It’s a Trap
-Oh Be One
-Frozen and Carbonite
-Use the Force

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  1. I’m chomping at the bit to do a Star Wars manicure (or dozens hehe) and you helped me get my inspiration flowing with this post and introduced me to some awesome nail stamping plates. Thank you so much! XD

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