Gaming Stamping Plates Master List

Gaming Stamping Plates

I help admin a very awesome group on Facebook called Polished Gamers and one day I decided to create a list of all of the gaming related nail stamping plates I could find! I believe this will forever be a work in progress but I am willing to take that on for all of us nerds out there in the nail art world!
This list includes everything from retro arcade games and arcade cabinets, to soccer, golf, and chess. There are video game characters, logos, dice, RPG-esque scenes, and everything in between.
The list is split up by makers and they are in no particular order. I tried to add the types of plates that each maker uses, and also their location. I also tried to add links where I could. If there is a link below that does not work any longer or if things are sold out, feel free to let me know here or in the Polished Gamers group.

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I am regularly updating this list as I find new plates and I randomly go through and try to test links out to make sure they are still working.

1. Keep in mind that there are different stockists with different items available and your favorite may have what you want available.
2. The Aliexpress mobile app usually has “app exclusive” discounts and some / most items are cheaper there.
3. If you can’t find a plate that you want from the list below, posting ISOs in various nail related Facebook buy/sell/trade groups could net you that unicorn!

Maniology/Bundle Monster (Metal plates, located in US)

Pssst. I’m actually a Maniology Ambassador! Feel free to use my affiliate code SMASHLEE10 for 10% off your order of full price items at Maniology! OR some of the links below are affiliate links! If you hover over the links below you should see that the links are affiliate links. If you click one of these links and then make a purchase I may receive a commission on your purchase!

Mundo De Unas (Metal plates, located in Mexico)

Sugar Bubbles (Metal plates, located in Brazil)

Creative Shop (Metal plates)

H la cosedora (Acrylic Plates, Made in Columbia)

Fleur de la Claw (Metal plates, Facebook Group Custom Plates)

This plate listed below was created by an individual for a Facebook group custom stamping plate. So far the plates created have been Skyrim and Buffy stamping plates. Please join the Facebook group Khajiit has Group Buy, if you has Want to learn more about the plate and to see if you are able to order one, or if some are available.

  • Custom Skyrim Stamping Plate
Custom Skyrim Stamping Plate
Photo By: Fleur de la Claw

Manitude (Metal plates, Originally Facebook Group Custom Plates, now there is a storefront)

Profiles Backstage (Metal Plates, located in US)

GP Stamping (Metal Plates, located in Columbia)

I have only purchased GP plates through Group Buys hosted by The Stamping Shop Facebook group, but their site can be found here

  • GP Stamping #2 (card faces)
  • GP Stamping #22 (Soccer)
  • GP Stamping #30 (Pokéball, Pokémon)
  • GP Stamping #33 (Angry Birds)
  • GP Stamping #54 (Various Pokémon)
  • GP Stamping #76 (Various Mario Characters, Paper Mario)

Lesly (Metal Plates)

BBF Nails (Metal Plates, located in Brazil)

What’s up Nails / What’s Up Beauty (Metal Plates, Located in US)

Swanky Stamping (Metal Plates, located in Russia)

Moyou London (Metal plates, Located in UK/US)

There are UK and US sites, along with stockists that carry them so be sure to google around!

Nerd Nails Plates (Acrylic plates, Located In Sweden) – STORE HAS CLOSED

  • Mario Bros
  • Yoshi’s Island
  • Pokémon
  • The Sassy Nerd (mentions Dota and Warcraft near the top middle)
  • Overwatch (various characters and phrases)
  • Nerdy Christmas (Space Invader ghosts tree)
  • Ermahgerd Nerd (Nyan Cat, Sims)

Nail Artisan UK (Metal Plates)

Uber Chic (Metal Plates, Located in US)

aiyoohehe (Metal Plates, located in China)

KADS (Metal Plates, Located in China)

Lina (Metal Plates, Located in US)


  • Polished Gamers Box Exclusive Mortal Kombat Stamping Plate (July 2020)
  • Polished Gamers Box Exclusive The Witcher Stamping Plate (Aug. 2020)
  • Polished Gamers Box Exclusive Kingdom Hearts Stamping Plate (Sept. 2020)
  • Polished Gamers Box Exclusive Pokemon Stamping Plate (Oct. 2020)
  • Polished Gamers Box Exclusive Diablo Stamping Plate (Nov. 2020)
  • Polished Gamers Box Exclusive Stardew Valley Stamping Plate (Dec. 2020)
  • Polished Gamers Box Exclusive Mario Stamping Plate (Jan. 2021)
  • Polished Gamers Box Exclusive Spyro Stamping Plate (Feb. 2021)
  • Polished Gamers Box Exclusive Retro Games Stamping Plate (Mar. 2021)
  • Polished Gamers Box Exclusive Elder Scrolls Blades Stamping Plate (Apr. 2021)
  • Polished Gamers Box Exclusive Indie Games Stamping Plate (May 2021)
  • Polished Gamers Box Exclusive Minecraft Stamping Plate (June 2021)
  • Polished Gamers Box Exclusive Board Games Stamping Plate (July 2021) (Featured images from Monopoly)
  • Polished Gamers Box Exclusive Zelda Stamping Plate (August 2021)
  • Polished Gamers Box Exclusive A Night the Arcade Street Fighter Plate (September 2021)
  • Polished Gamers Box Exclusive The Sims Stamping Plate (October 2021)
  • Polished Gamers Box Exclusive Dungeons & Dragons D&D Stamping Plate (June 2022)
  • Polished Gamers Box Exclusive Kirby Stamping Plate (August 2022)
  • Geek A (Pokemon, Sonic, YuGiOh)
  • Placa Carimbo de Unha Apipila Cartoon (Pokemon)
  • A 10 (Pokemon, Pacman)
  • L14 (Paper Mario & Luigi)
  • P10 (Paper Mario & Luigi, Yoshi, Mushroom, Angry Birds)

Lantern & Wren (Metal Plates, Located in US)

Moyra (Metal Plates, Located in Hungary)

It Girl Nail Art (Metal Plates, Located in US)

  • IG110 Nail Art Stamping Plate (computer circuitry)
  • It Girl LE 105 (Bower, Boo): Was a Polish Pickup Exclusive

Nicole Diary (Metal Plates)

  • ND-009 (space ships, & bonus Loki helmet)
  • ND-002 (Zelda Shield and Master Sword)
  • ND-163 (Puzzle Pieces, dice)

Winstonia Plates (Metal Plates, located in US)

Clear Jelly Stamper (Metal Plates, located in Canada)

Born Pretty (Metal Plates)

Kinsmade (Acrylic Plates, located in US)

  • Green Sports (Various sports, mazes, bowling, tennis, hockey, sports teams, etc)
  • California (SF 49ers, LA Dodgers, SF Giants sports Teams)

Decor Unhas (Metal Plates)

  • Seducao 11 Stamping Plate (Mario, Angry Birds, Pokemon)

Color Club (Metal Plates)

Found on AliExpress (check for other sellers & the app gets more discounts as well):


Beauty Big Bang (Metal Plates)

Vivid Lacquer (Metal Plates, SHOP IS CLOSED)

Nailways (Metal Plates, Netherlands)

Fab Ur Nails (Metal plates)

The main website is currently closed while they search for a new courier company. Be on the lookout in destashes.

  • Fun 3 (Mario, Luigi, Peach, Boo, Goomba, various Mario franchise items)
  • Fun 4 (Cut The Rope character)
  • Fun 5 (Tetris Pieces)
  • Fun 6 (Kirby)
  • Fun 11 (Zelda logo, Grand Theft Auto logo)
  • Fun 18 (World of Warcraft Horde logo, Majora’s Mask, Rabbids, Gears of War)
  • Fab Ur Nails by JAKS – Fun 1 (Angry Birds, Plants vs Zombies plant)

MyOnlineShop (Metal plates)

Currently from a post I saw on Facebook, MyOnlineShop is looking for someone to take over shipping in the US for them and they may/should return sometime in the future. Only a few plates are available currently at a UK stockist.

  • MJ LVII (Fallout, Clash of Clans, Angry Birds, Bomb Beach, Kirby)
  • MJ XLII (Minecraft Steve, Five Nights At Freddy’s Toy Chica)
  • MJ XXII (Gooba face, Pikachu)
  • MJ XL (Sims Logo)
  • MJ LXIII (Chess pieces)
  • MJ Special Edition (Yoshi, Pikachu)
  • MJ XIV (Zelda logo)
  • XVIII (chess pieces)
  • MJ XIX (Candy Crush logo)
  • MJ XXV (Rubik cube)
  • MJ XXIV (Football, Baseball, Basketball, NFL teams, NBA teams, Olympics)
  • MJ XII (Pacman map, Mario, Peach)
  • MJ IX (Mortal Combat logo, Mario and Bowser)
  • MJ X (Pikachu)
  • MJ III (retro Gaming controllers)
  • MJ XLIX (Birdo, Piranha plant, Koopa, Goomba, Toadette)
  • MJ JR-48 (Dice, Poker, Cards, Casino games)
  • MJ JR-46 (Zumba, fitness, working out)

Chez Delaney

  • Jeux Videos (Tetris, Pacman, controllers, space invaders)


  • WB-01 (World of Warcraft logos and characters)

Placa (?)

  • Placa 31 (PacMan)
  • 32 (PacMan)

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  1. Hey, the links to all the Zelda rupees and Triforce nail plates are broken. Can you update them or reply to me with new links? 🙂 I would really appreciate it!

    1. Unfortunately not at this time! I have only found the one Aliexpress plate that is no longer available anywhere apparently. But there is a plate “Logo PF Plate” from Profiles Backstage with a lion image that is somewhat close-ish (not really though) to the Alliance lion. So far that is all I have found.

  2. Thanks so much for the work putting this list together! Found it through the group files and just ordered several plates from it 🙂

  3. Thank you, sweetie. I found the SONIC plate with your help.
    Now I have a new question, is there any plate for Casper?

    1. I’m actually not sure about that one! If I may, I might recommend asking in the Facebook Group “Nail Stamping Sisterhood”? They may be able to get you an answer even faster than me! 🙂

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