BCB Lacquers November Birthstone – Topaz

BCB Lacquers - Topaz


BCB Lacquers has created a Topaz inspired polish for November! This interesting color is a surprise top pick of mine from the birthstone polishes so far this year!

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Topaz will be available starting Friday, October 22nd at 3:00 PM PT / 4:00 PM MT / 5:00 PM CT / 6:00 PM ET

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Price: $12.00 USD
Description: Described as an amber jelly with orange/red/gold shifting iridescent flakes, gun metal flakes, orange holo hex glitters, orange/copper shimmer and a touch of holo. Builds up and would also work as a beautiful topper as well!

BCB Lacquers - Topaz
BCB Lacquers - Topaz
BCB Lacquers - Topaz
BCB Lacquers - Topaz
Low daylight

My swatches are 3 coats of the polish over a peel off base coat and topped with 1 coat of quick dry top coat.

Now I’m going to be honest with you here, when I got this bottle in the mail I was a little…….ummm curious at how it would look on the nail. The polish in the bottle was a little bit interesting and I honestly thought it was a weird color. There, I said it. 😛 BUT once I put it on and saw all of the little glitters, flakies, and shimmer mixed together, I definitely grew to like it. It’s a gorgeous amber color and I’m happy to have such a unique color in my collection! I think my favorite part may be the subtle flakies mixed in. The glow and shimmer in bright light is also fabulous!
This polish applied super easily and I went with 3 thinner coats just to make sure I had full coverage. 2 coats may be plenty if you do thicker coats though. I also let the polish dry in between coats just to make sure I didn’t smoosh my nails when top coating.

BCB Lacquers - Topaz
BCB Lacquers - Topaz
BCB Lacquers - Topaz
BCB Lacquers - Topaz
Bright light
BCB Lacquers - Topaz

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