April 2023 Star Wars Polished Gamers Box


This month’s Polished Gamers Box theme is Star Wars! I received a handful of items this month and thought I would write up a blog for them! It has been too long since I blogged consistently. Things have just been crazy and busy as heck, so no promises that I will keep up with it every month, but I do miss blogging at least a little! 🙂
As for Star Wars, I actually haven’t played too many Star Wars games, but I do love the franchise itself. I think funny enough, one of my favorite Star Wars games is Star Wars Episode 1 Racer on the Nintendo 64. Now THIS is pod racing…. 😉

As always, first up is that sweet sweet FAQ then all the fabulous items!

What is the Polished Gamers Box?
The Polished Gamers Box is a quarterly game themed “box” featuring several makers. Each box will have a gaming related theme and feature different types of indie products that include nail polish, nail care, body care, wax, and other handmade items.
What if I don’t want to order everything in the box?
That’s the beauty of the Polished Gamers Box! You can pick and choose what you want to order. No minimums or maximums, just order what items you want!
Where do I go to order the box?
When can I get the box?
The box will launch on the 15th and will be available for preorder for a five day period.
Preorders will open at 11:00 AM PT / 12:00 PM MT / 1:00 PM CT / 2:00 PM ET on the 15th
Preorders will close at 9:00 PM PT / 10:00 PM MT / 11:00 PM CT / 11:59 PM ET on the 20th
What is the Turn Around Time (TAT) of PGB orders?
The TAT will be through the 20th of the month following the sale.
Is there a support email if I have questions about my order?
Please email polishedgamers@gmail.com if you have questions about your order or the box!
Is there Polished Gamers social media I can follow?
There is! Facebook Group | Instagram | Discord
How much is shipping for the box?
Shipping Cost Tiers:
Orders up to $50: $4.00 flat rate
Orders $50 – $150: $5.00 flat rate
Orders $150+: $6.00 flat rate
UPS is available at cost
International: This will remain at cost shipping
If you do make multiple orders, shipping overages can/will be refunded if the multiple purchases are made using the same name.

Well folks, before we get too far ahead, I tried my hand at more swatch videos and making them is no joke! I am definitely going to need more practice before I’m happy with how mine turn out. I feel like I say that every time I do one…but I’m awkward so it’s to be expected. I think part of my problem is that I try to take the videos in my light box and I block my view with my camera itself. Hopefully they turned out at least a little okay! 🙂

Adored Colors

Force Unleashed

Shop | Etsy | Facebook Group | Instagram

Description: Mossy nude base filled with red-orange-gold-green shifting flakes and gold-green-orange-red-yellow flakes. This is a greenish silver pulling magnetic polish
Price: $13.00 USD
Cap: 30
Inspiration: Force Unleashed Star Wars game

I don’t think my photos do this polish justice, but hopefully the swatch video helps a little! Honestly it’s a little crazy how different this polish looks unmagnetized vs magnetized. I do rather like both ways though. I’m also in love with the silver magnetic pull. It is quite a strong pull as you can see in the video, so there are no concerns from me that you will not be able to see the magnetic line. And the flakies are such a fun addition as well–they pop either way you wear the polish.
For the application I did do 1 coat unmagnetized and 2 coats magnetized and that appears to give full coverage. I did feel the nail stick afterwards and there isn’t much texture to it, so things laid down nice and flat.

Adored Colors - Force Unleashed
Adored Colors - Force Unleashed
Adored Colors - Force Unleashed
Adored Colors - Force Unleashed

BCB Lacquers

The Fallen Order

Shop | Facebook | Facebook Group | Instagram | TikTok

Description: A pink crelly with green iridescent flakes, gold, rose gold and black metallic flakes
Price: $13.50 USD
Cap: 100
Inspiration: Inspired by a scene from the game ‘Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order’

I do love this dainty shade of pink. I think the mix of flakies and flecks really make this an almost muted shade of pink, which I do enjoy. In low light, the flakies just shine so darn much, it’s almost as if they glow in the dark. Honestly this polish is just a super fun mix all around!
2 coats appears to offer full coverage, and after application there isn’t too much texture, so you will probably only need 1 coat of top coat!

BCB Lacquers - The Fallen Order
BCB Lacquers - The Fallen Order
BCB Lacquers - The Fallen Order
BCB Lacquers - The Fallen Order
BCB Lacquers - The Fallen Order
BCB Lacquers - The Fallen Order

Jen & Berries

Beady One

Shop | Facebook | Facebook Group | Instagram

Description: Off-white crelly with a smorgasbord of holographic flakes, a mix of black, platinum, gunmetal and red flakes/microflakies, white and aqua shimmer
Price: $12.50 USD
Cap: 200
Inspiration: BD-1

Mmmmmmmm holo flakies. I think these are still my current obsession. I want them in every polish! And I just can’t get over how perfectly this polish matches its inspiration. The shimmer in this one is definitely a little subtle but I love how it looks in the bottle as is, so I am quite eager to wear this one on my nails very soon!
I did do 3 coats in this swatch video, but 2 may have offered full coverage. Since this is on a nail stick I can’t say for sure, so definitely be sure to check out all the other fabulous swatchers! The polish applied super easily though, and there wasn’t much texture after application either.

Jen & Berries - Beady One
Jen & Berries - Beady One
Jen & Berries - Beady One
Jen & Berries - Beady One
Jen & Berries - Beady One
Jen & Berries - Beady One
Jen & Berries - Beady One

Healthy Fawns

Star Wars Uno Inspired Crossbody Bag, Purse Organizer, or Key Fob / Key Chain

Shop | Instagram

Price: $70.00 USD (Crossbody Bag) / $35.00 USD (Purse Organizer) / $12.00 USD (Key Fob / Key Chain)
Cap: 5 (Crossbody Bag) / 15 (Purse Organizer) / 50 (Key Fob / Key Chain)
Inspiration: The Star Wars edition Uno card game
IMPORTANT NOTE ON THE CROSSBODY BAG: THIS WILL SHIP DIRECTLY TO YOU FROM HEALTHY FAWNS. Due to the size, it makes sense for the Crossbody bag to ship directly to those that purchase one and not through the Polished Gamers Box. The PGB TAT will still apply to this item shipping.

The Star Wars Uno Inspired Crossbody Bag features Star Wars inspired schematics on the outside and main villain helmet prints with water resistant canvas credit cards slots and interior zipper pocket. This bag has a black glittery vinyl gusset with a SW Millennium Falcon and SW logo double zipper pulls in aurora rainbow finish. The 1″ charcoal gray nylon webbing strap also features matching aurora rainbow finish hardware. The bag measures 11” W x 7” H x 3” D with an adjustable strap ranging from 29″ to 53″ fully extended.

The SW Uno Inspired Purse Organizer features Star Wars inspired schematics on the outside and water resistant canvas lining with a dual mesh pocket on the front. The purse organizer also features a Star Wars logo zipper pull in gun metal and measures 8.5″ x 11″.

The SW Inspired Key Fob / Key Chain features villain helmets of Darth Vader, Boba Fett, and a Storm Trooper in a green/blue watercolor print backed by a 1″ neon green nylon webbing strap and affixed with an aurora electroplated key fob and split ring keychain. Key fob measures 6″ long.

Ingredients: These items are made with 100% cotton, water resistant canvas, vinyl, nylon webbing, aurora electroplated SW inspired zipper pulls, and rainbow/iridescent zippers

Healthy Fawns (the same lovely maker behind Sweet Heart Polish AND 3Cheers4Ears) has created a lovely trio of items this month! Each of these are handmade. I am just in awe of how awesome they are

Crossbody Bag

I was so worried that I wouldn’t be able to do this purse justice when I was taking photos. My goodness I can’t believe someone made this by hand. It’s just amazing. The purse strap arrived packaged separately inside the purse and for me, the strap itself was the perfect length. It is also quite soft and not scratchy or anything. At the bottom of my photos here, you can see me wearing the purse with the strap fully extended, and I would even be comfortable wearing it shortened as well. I’m 5’2″ and fully extended, the purse hung / sat below my hips.
The outside of the purse (and the bottom of the inside) features Star Wars schematics that match the zipper and hardware perfectly. I also adore the rainbow look of the hardware.
The inside of the purse is also just perfection. One side features a zipper pocket, with more store space behind it, and the other side of the purse features card holder pockets that fit all of my cards, AND there is also storage space behind that as well.
I honestly carry too much in my wallet, so I’m going to make myself use the card holders in this purse. Then I will have plenty of room for all the other stuff I carry too much of!
This is definitely just a gorgeous piece and it would make a great addition to any collection.

Healthy Fawns - Crossbody Bag

Purse Organizer

Since I immediately thought I was using this wrong, I want to start by mentioning that this purse organizer is NOT meant to be used in the Star Wars Crossbody bag. Haha! It is a little bit taller than the purse, so it will not fit in it. So this organizer is meant to be used in your favorite purse, or even backpack! Honestly, you could use this organizer any way, not just in a purse. Heck, you could carry it around by itself!
This organizer features 3 mesh pockets on the very front, two pockets behind that (the black fabric), and of course the inside of the organizer. I honestly just threw some random items in the pockets for these photos, but the pockets are quite large, and can hold quite a bit–even a pair of sunglasses fit.
The inside of the organizer can fit a wallet, and even a small book. It could even be used for storing all sorts of manicure tools and do-dads. I do love the Star Wars zipper pull on this one as well!

Healthy Fawns - Purse Organizer

Key Fob / Key Chain

This is such a cute key holder! The design is so simple and the fob itself is light, which I love since that won’t add a ton of weight to my keys–not that I have very many keys on my keychain as you can see. 😅 The rainbow hardware is a fun edition and I like how the inside of it adds an extra pop of color so that this becomes very visible should it fall to the bottom of a bag. The helmet pattern of this fabric is simple but very fun and it looks like it was made exactly to be used for this exact key chain!

Healthy Fawns - Key Fob / Key Chain

Polished Gamers Box Respawn

Polished Gamers Box Respawn

The Polished Gamers Box Respawn continues! PGB Respawns are also now quarterly, along with the box releases, so there will be respawns each PGB month!
Makers can bring back (Respawn) an item that was released in a previous Polished Gamers Box.
These will be available on the site during normal preorder times.
I previously received a few of this month’s respawn items as PR and thought I would share those below!

Adored Colors

My House

Description: Eggplant jelly base filled with opal flakies, diamond dust squares, ruby red microglitter and silver reflective glitter. This is a purple glow in the dark polish. Best in 2-3 coats
Price: $12.50 USD
Cap: 30
Inspiration: Night view of a house in the remastered version
Original Theme: Animal Crossing Remastered

BCB Lacquers


Description: A dark purple jelly with orange and purple iridescent flakes and silver reflective glitter
Price: $13.50 USD
Cap: 100
Inspiration: Fan art of a Halloween Kirby
Original Theme: Kirby

Original Nerd Life Nails blog post review: https://nerdlifenails.com/august-2022-kirby-polished-gamers-box/

Jen & Berries

Isle See You in Summerset

Description: Pale blue jelly with a downright obscene amount of red to green shifting shimmer with a splash of pink & blue metallic flakes
Price: $13.50 USD
Cap: 100
Inspiration: Pink leaves on the trees in Summerset against a blue sky backdrop
Original Theme: Elder Scrolls

Original Nerd Life Nails blog post review: https://nerdlifenails.com/april-2021-the-elder-scrolls-polished-gamers-box/

Those are all of the PGB items I have to show you today!
Which are you most excited for? Let me know in the comments!

When can I get the box?
The box will launch quarterly on the 15th of the month, and will be available for preorder for a five day period.
Preorders will open at 11:00AM PT / 12:00PM MT / 1:00PM CT / 2:00PM ET
The TAT will be through the 20th of the month following the sale
Where do I go to order the box?

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